Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Florida - Part Uno

We went down to Florida at the beginning of January to go to Disney World (more on that later). But we went a couple days early to spend some time with Drew's aunt, Aunt Diana. She has 4 kids there in Florida with her and one on a mission, so Drew got some good cousin time in. And I loved spending time with them too! Her twin girls, Madison and Michelle, are especially fun. 

Gracie dancing with Aunt Diana

Gracie and Madison

Gracie and Michelle (she's going to kill me for posting this one :) )

Rick (Drew's cousin) has a girl the same age as Luke named Hannah. They LOVED playing together!

Michelle is basically queen of posing for the camera, so I tried to learn from her. I don't look nearly as good!

Drew with his cousins Joey and Ricky (I'm not sure what Drew's doing)

From left to right: Madison, Michelle, Grace, Drew, Me Aunt Diana, Luke, Ricky

We also tried to go to the Orlando temple, but it was closed. 

We had to pay SO MANY tolls while we were there! We probably spent around $12 just on tolls. 

We also picked up Grandma Pepper before Disney World! She came the night before we could check into our Disney hotel so we stayed in a regular ol' hotel all together. We stopped at Panda Express first. They had a "pajama party" with Grandma. Luke insisted there should be a cake at a pajama party :)

The next day we went and explored Downtown Disney. It's a big shopping area with TONS of shops...mostly Disney-themed shops. It was awesome! And I wish we were millionaires. I could have spend a small fortune on things for the kids!

And that's part one! More to come...

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I want to go to Disney with Grandma Pepper :)