Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Christmas! Luke was so so excited this year for Santa to come. He kept singing "Santa Claus is coming to towwwwwn." Or in the store he'd be singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and people would smile at him because he's crazy and adorable. So anyway, in preschool they had a Polar Express day. Here are some pics of that:

They were asked to come in their pajamas :) Here's Luke with his Polar Express ticket.

Merry Christmas!!

And one night we made hot chocolate and a Santa craft:

And then Luke had a party at preschool where they made graham cracker houses:

We went and visited Drew's grandma in South Carolina:

And then it was Christmas Eve! 

Santa and his helper elf

Drew and his Orangina. If you've never had it before, shame on you.

Luke went out and scattered his reindeer food in the grass. It was oats, glitter, and sugar, I think. He made it at preschool.

The loot

Cookies & Milk

And then...Christmas morning!

All the trash!

Their favorite toys (the ones from Santa):

And Luke/Buzz:

After we opened our presents we headed to Charlotte to hang out with Drew's aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents. I only got one picture of that day but the kitchen that they're playing with they actually gave to us. It was Drew's cousin's when they were younger. I think the kids like that kitchen more than any Christmas gift they got.

And that's Christmas! Drew's grandparents took us to Disneyworld a couple days after Christmas, but I'll post about that later. 

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Renae said...

Fun Christmas! Should I be ashamed to admit that I haven't ever heard of Orangina? Now I'm intrigued...