Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Luke's Birthday Day

Luke's birthday landed on a Wednesday this year and I wanted to make it super special, even though it wasn't the weekend. Drew didn't have school that night so he was able to come home right after work to celebrate with us. Here's Luke's special day:

Woke up to a doughnut & the three of us singing to him. Then at the table he had a wish to make and a present to open:

Then we went to the park and had lunch and played:

Then we went and got a little frozen yogurt:

I had put pictures up of Lukie on the wall and I wanted to take a picture of him with them. These are some of my favorite pics of him as a 3 year old:

Then the kids took a nap & woke up hungry:

Then we had to wait (impatiently) for daddy to come home! Once he came home, we went and ate at Luke's favorite place, McDonald's, then went home and opened his presents:

And of course, CAKE!

Happy birthday to my sweet Lukers!

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