Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jacob William Pepper (aka Jack)

Sooo...we had another baby! Surprise! Okay, so most of you already know this by now. That's the beauty of Facebook. Here's the birth story, which really isn't crazy because it was so short!

On May 7, my mom was scheduled to come into the Raleigh-Durham airport. We met her there and I on the way home from the airport I started to feel contractions. We started timing them. We got home and my mom and I ran to the grocery store after Drew got home from work. We were still timing the contractions, which were super close & strong. I had to stop walking around at the store every time one came. We got home and Drew left for his youth activities at the church. He always did his activity from 7-8:30 and then played basketball afterwards until around 10 or 10:30. My mom and I were making freezer meals while he was gone and by 8:30 I called Drew and told him I couldn't handle it anymore--we HAD to go to the hospital.

We get to the hospital and there is no one else in the waiting room. We get checked in around 9. I hate all the tests they do, by the way. They decide my contractions are close enough to keep me. I get a fancy (HA!) room and I can tell you honestly that this was the most painful labor of my three children. I was in so much pain. Those contractions were no joke! I asked for an epidural as soon as they could give it to me. I got one but I could still feel some pain in my left leg, but I didn't care because most of the pain was dulled. They broke my water around 10 or 10:30, I think. The contractions started to really pick up after that. Jacob came in, like, 20 minutes! It was crazy! I was in the hospital for a total of 3 hours before I had him. That seems so fast to me. But it was the most painful 3 hours OF.MY.LIFE. Good thing he's beautiful.

The next morning my mama brought Luke and Gracie in to meet their new brother. They love him so much!

LOOK at how small he is!! I can't even handle it!!
Two months later we had Jacob's blessing at church. Our parents were all able to come, so it was really special. Also, Drew's grandparents, his younger brother Matt, and my brother Steven came out.

In the blessing, one of the things Drew said was that Jacob would be a joy to his family. It is already so true. He is so smiley and happy. (Not that you can tell from the pictures.) But he really is. And he makes us all so happy when we see him because he has a huge, beautiful smile. Welcome to the family, Jacob William!! We're so grateful you're part of our family!!

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Renae Hill said...

Sounds like your mom got there just in time! How lucky! I feel your pain sister, the last hour before Keira was born was absolute agony, so terrible. Totally different than with Hailey. He is a cutie! I guess the pain is worth it, eh? :)