Sunday, October 26, 2014

School's In!...and Out!

There have been a couple times when I have felt really old but Luke starting school has definitely made me feel the oldest. I mean, I have a kid in SCHOOL. Crazy. I have to admit, there were tears shed because of it. And they were all from me. I'm a crybaby. Especially when it comes to my babies not being babies. I just couldn't get over the fact that once he starts school he will be in school for the next, what, 13 years? Not counting college. And I would miss him during the day. Anyway, the time came for Luke to start school. I was sad and happy and nervous and excited for him. Here are his Meet the Teacher pictures:

Drew and I were both so shocked to see that Luke's teacher was Elaine Salas...that was my grandma's name! It's weird that his teacher has my maiden name but I think Luke kinda likes it.

His first day came and a lady from the ward came and watched Gracie and Jacob so Drew and I could both go and drop him off.

Isn't he handsome?

Dropping him off was hard and I started crying after leaving the room but I wasn't sad for too long because he was really happy to be there. 

We saw his bestest friend Dylan as we were walking in to the school and him and Luke held hands as they walked into school. Precious!

Well, as Luke was starting school, Drew was finishing up his program at Wake Forest. Longest two years of my life. We were ALL excited for him to finish.

The night of his graduation came and his parents were able to travel out and see it and his grandparents came up from South Carolina. The graduation was super fancy! we got dinner, which had chicken and steak and there was cheesecake and chocolate cake and deeeelicious salads.

He is officially an MBA graduate! Woot! Now to pay back the loans...

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Life Is What We Make It! said...

how exciting on all counts. I can't believe Luke is old enough to be in kindergarten either. he sure is cute! man, time has gone by fast. whenever you're feeling old, you can just remember that you're younger than me. And that you have kids older than mine. So, you're not really that old (compared to me).