Thursday, November 29, 2007

Drew and I went to California for Thanksgiving this year. We spent about five days there and I loved every minute of it. It went by so fast though!! We only have 10 more days of class and then the semester is over and I am done with school! Drew only has one more semester left, so then we can be graduates together! Yay! While we were at home I made brisket for Drew so that he could have a little bit of Texas while he was in Cali. He said he really liked it! Point for me. We were going to go shopping early in the morning and then at midnight we realized we really didn't want or need anything that was on sale. We wanted sleep more than $2.99 DVDs.
Other than that, there really isn't much going on. We work or do homework about 12 hours a day, so that's cool. OH! Today, Nov. 29, is our 11 month anniversary. One more month and we will have a whole year under our belts.
P.S. I just got an IPod Nano from my brother Steven and I love it. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. The only problem is that Johnny used it before I got it so it has about 40 Wierd Al songs. There are a few songs that I enjoy listening to , though, so it's pretty sweet.

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