Saturday, November 3, 2007

Internship, Baby Names, and Family

Well, I have had my first whole week at my new internship. I really like all the experience I'm getting and I think it will really help me out when I try to get a job later. However, I really miss working at the copy center. Well, I really miss hanging out with Kristin, Nate, Kara, and Liz. Oh, and Fred. That was a neat job. I like the people I work with now but they know I won't be there for long so I think they know they don't have to make a huge effort to become my friend. Anyway, it's a great internship and I learn new things every day!

Kevin was here last week and that was fun. We really only got to hang out with him Halloween night. We watched Red Eye and had ice cream and popcorn, so it was fun. Luckily we didn't have any trick-or-treaters. His thesis was approved--Congrats, Kev!

Drew's birthday was on November 1st so we had waffles for breakfast with Kev then Drew and I went our separate ways for a few hours. Then we went home and we had his favorite dinner (noodles, White Parmesan Ragu sauce, chicken) and watched Seinfeld episodes. It was pretty relaxed so hopefully he had a good birthday. He says he did.

Lastly, I saw on someone's blog this website to find out what your baby's name should be according to your favorite sorts of random things. According to the website, my baby's names are:
Boy: Andrew, Blaze, Christopher, Edward, Holden, Lars, Kyle, Patrick, Vance
Girl: Andrea, Arabella, Christina, Emily, Heather, Kaylee, Patricia, Sabrina
Unisex: Jordan, Quentin

I guess Andrew isn't too shabby...haha. I don't know, I really like Lars and Vance. Lars Pepper. Sick.
Oh, the website is:
Do it yourself!!!

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Chelsea said...

I really hope you have all of those kids. Just kidding.