Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad News Bears

We haven't shared our latest piece of unluckiness:

Drew tore his ACL. LAME.

This means he's going to have surgery next month and he can't play sports for at least 6 months.

This makes Kathryn sad because we're poor and this will make us poorer.

This makes Drew sad because he can't play basketball for 6 months.

To make Drew a little happier, I took him to the park to shoot some hoops. This made Drew think, Maybe I can go play tonight with the guys. HA. Yeah, like I would let him do that.


Drew modeling his injury:

Luke can totally block Drew now that he's hurt:

Future NBA player!

Luke only likes the swings if he's attached to mommy or daddy:

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Gahley's said...

I'm sorry, that is no fun. Hopefully Drew will recover fast and it won't kill your bank account to much.