Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Gahley's come to visit!

My dear friend Kristina and her ADORABLE boy Talmage came to visit me for a couple of days!

We grew up together in Merced and hung out in high school together. It was so good to see her again and to meet her little munchkin!

Talmage loved Drew! Drew doesn't think he can handle twins after this visit.

On Wednesday I took Kristina to the Fort Worth stockyards. It was way fun but a little toasty.

Ah! Talmage in jail!

Ah! Luke in jail!

We ate at the famous Risckey's BBQ. YUM!

Bathing beauties!!

The Fort Worth Zoo. Amazing!

More zoo pics. Yeah, Drew hurt his knee playing basketball, so I got to push him and Luke around in the wheelchair. Yay me.

I love this pic. He's just chillin' and looking.

Happy birthday to me!

Okay, Talmage is such a cutie!

Bye Kristina friend! We had lots of fun!!

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