Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grandma comes rollin' in...

The "Vegas Grandma" came to visit this last week. This is Drew's dad's mom. She is so fun.

She loves to gamble and buy herself jewelry. She takes good care of herself. But she also takes good care of us! She bought us a double stroller while she was here! What an awesome financial burden to take off of us!

She tried to warm up to Luke but he kept telling her to "Stop it," and she would say "You stop it!" They're going to be kindred spirits.

ALSO, yesterday was Mama Pepper's birthday! We got her money to spend at a frozen yogurt place (her latest obsession) and I made a little potholder (which I'll post up on Destination: Craft later).

It was a very exciting, eventful week. And next week my mom comes! Yippee! I need to clean my house!

{Four generations of Peppers}

{Birthday dinner at Outback for Mama Pepper. The waiter totally cut Luke out.}

{Happy birthday, Grandma!}

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