Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Shower for Baby Girl!

My dear dear dear friends Emily and Melissa threw me a wonderful baby shower about 2 weeks ago. I had SO much fun! We played the game where you have a piece of string and you guess how big my belly is and we played the game where there are a bunch of baby items on a tray and you have to memorize as many as you can in 30 seconds and write them down.

PLUS, I got so many wonderful presents! I was so spoiled! And my mom was able to be there for it, so it was super special. I am so grateful for all the people I have met while here in Texas. I'm going to miss them all.


Martha said...

And now Baby Grace is here! :)

Look at ALL that good food! and awesome girls! Wish I could have come too. :)

Zanette said...

Congrats on the baby. :-)