Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're Officially OLD

Drew and I decided we're officially old folks now because we have two kids. I don't feel old (probably because I'm not really), but I do feel tired, a LOT. Although having two kids isn't as straining as I thought it was going to be. It's not easy by any means, but I stressed out so much that I think I made it a bigger deal in my head. One thing I have noticed: I am a lot more patient with Gracie than I was with Luke.

But that makes sense, right? I was new to mommyhood with Luke and didn't know what I was doing or what he wanted. With Gracie, I usually know exactly what she wants. However, she's a second child, so she doesn't get everything on demand like Luke did. Tough luck. But she's SOOO good. So sweet, so lovable. Even Luke has ventured to touch her a few times. I tempt him by rubbing her leg and saying "Ohhh, she's soooo soft!" Then he puts his little chubby hand on her leg and says "Ohhhh!" He's funny. And she's a good sport. Luke calls her "My baby" or just "Baby." But he's always worried about her when she starts to cry, which I think is pretty sweet.

ANYWHOOO...here are a couple of pictures from when my family was here for Gracie's blessing. I miss them a lot. And now that we're moving, I'm going to miss Drew's family a lot. They sure have done a lot for us, not to mention they've been great grandparents!

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