Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gracie's Blessing Day

Gracie was blessed this past Sunday and it was quite the affair!

We had Grandma Olson surprise us for the event (she came all the way from VEGAS!), my mom, dad, and brother Steven came from Washington state, our friends Ryan & Lainie and Megan & Josiah both drove from a ways away, and Kevin & Martha (Drew's bro & his wife) drove from 3 hours away. And of course the Peppers came up from Mansfield.

This little girl better know how loved she is!!

Also, she wore MY old blessing dress! That thing is OLD. Two of my cousins and my niece also wore my dress when they were blessed. This dress has really gotten around.


Stephanie said...

My goodness! What a full head of black hair that girl has!

Lacey said...

That's so awesome that your family was able to come to Texas to share such a special day with you guys!! Love the pics of little Gracie!!