Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fabuloso Thanksgiving! Since I know you're all dying to see what we did that day, here's a play-by-play:

Luke stayed in his PJs allll morning and played with his Cars:

Drew went to be a turkey at the Turkey Bowl. Our ward actually doesn't have a Turkey Bowl so Drew just invited a bunch of guys to play the morning of Thanksgiving. (He really should have been a model. He's just so great at posing.)

After Luke and I watched the Thanksgiving parade for a while, I test tasted one of the Mini Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecakes I made. There will be a review of the recipe soon on Destination: Craft.

Then we went to Charlotte to be with Drew's aunt & uncle and their two daughters and his grandparents. Luke loves playing with Kristin and Katrina. I'm pretty sure they love it, too. I hope they do.

Playing with Kristin & Katrina. They caught on fast to what Luke's favorite game was: playing with his Cars!

Having a blast:

Of course Gracie was never set down (with Drew's grandma):

Drew enjoying a Mini Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecake:

Some of the ladies enjoying pie (Patti {Drew's aunt}, Katrina, Kristin, Patti's mom}:

Luke trying to convince Candy {the dog} to drink some apple juice:

And of course, there was napping:

After the Thanksgiving feast, we followed Drew's grandparents to their house to stay a couple of days with them. They took us to a thing called "Lights of the South." It was so much fun and Luke LOVED it!

(I look a little crazy). Behind us was our favorite light object: the pretty castle!

Look how pretty!

There were lots of other lights, but it was too hard to get the camera out.

We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Now on to Christmas!!

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ALTA said...

does it take forever to upload your pictures?? I havent been blogging because it takes so long to upload pictures its not worth it. We'll have to chat about it sometime! And I love the family pics. I was hoping to take ours while Seth was here in Iowa but it didn't happen. I have a few ideas of places in Greensboro. Where did you take those?