Tuesday, November 1, 2011

History of Drew

Today is November 01, 2011. 

28 years ago Andrew William Pepper was born to Terri and Kevin Pepper. He is their second son.
For your viewing pleasure, I will take you through his life thus far (well, the Reader's Digest version). Grab a snack and sit back, 'cause Drew's life is worth learning about!

Sorry, no baby pictures. Here is little Drew. Drew claims he looks like a muppet in this picture, so I like to call this photo "Kermit Drew." He was born in Plano, TX and grew up in large part in Lancaster, TX. His teenage years were spent in Mansfield, TX.

He's played lots of sports throughout his life

He's shown interest in many different career paths, such as

Being a cowboy
Joining the Ninja Turtles (can anyone point out his 2 brothers?)
Becoming one of Santa's elves
Replacing the old Cowardly Lion
Wrangling dinosaurs

He also has an amazing family. 

Kev the Professor, Drew the Comedian, Matt aka Fish Hook

And great friends

Went on a mission to Switzerland (left with a girlfriend, came home without one)

Met a fabulous girl

Convinced her to date/marry him (a different story for a different time)

Carted her off to New York for 6 weeks (internship)

Moved to Texas, where he proudly welcomed his son, Luke Andrew

 Tore his ACL playing church basketball (figures)

Worked for Ecolab for 2 years and then welcoming his second baby, Grace Kathryn

 Got a promotion and moved the family to North Carolina when Grace was just a mere 2 weeks old

Don't mind the meds next to her

And now?

He's a great father and husband, a man with a strong testimony of his religion, and someone with a great vision of his future. He's planning great things for himself and his family. We love him sooo much!

Happy birthday, Drew!!


Katie said...

I have a picture with my luke and his dinosaurs almost identical to the one of Drew and his dinos! All lined up!!
I love looking at our old pictures of us growing up, its so fun to see how much things change over the years

theunseasonedbaker said...

Awwww, cute little Drew! You skipped the part where he used to work at the snow cone stand (Tiger's blood please!)


Renae said...

Happy Birthday Drew! That first picture of Drew looks so much like Luke to me, just older.