Friday, November 2, 2012

22 Thankful Days (Day2)

Okay, Day 2 of the Thankful Days! 

Today I am so so so grateful for my son, Luke Andrew

Let me tell you, I was a little nervous about him for a while. When he was first born, I had a heck of a time getting him to breastfeed. The first night home with him he just wouldn't eat and about 20 minutes later, we were both crying. That problem was fixed (hallelujah!) and he kept growing.

But man was he feisty! He would only eat about 5 things, he would yell "NO!" all the time and he was a grump. But slowly he became so kind. It's kind of amazing, actually. He's always been a sweetheart but when he was 1-2 it was only on his terms. Now he's kind all the time. And the person who he's sweetest with? His baby sister, Grace.

He holds her hand when I can't, he kisses her goodnight, he makes sure she doesn't get hurt, and he let's her have a toy if he's playing with it and she wants it. He says "I love you, mommy," and always asks where daddy is. He likes to sing and dance and play with other kids. He has never bitten or hit another kid. 

He is just a wonderful little boy and I am SO grateful for the chance I have to have him in my life.

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