Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Peppers!

This year has been an eventful year for the Andrew and Kathryn Pepper family.

January: Peppers decide to build a house. Then unbuy the same house because of Realtor issues.

February: Kathryn runs the Fort Worth Cowtown 5K. Luke’s first birthday extravaganza. Grandma Salas comes for a visit. The Peppers file their own taxes for the first time. Snow in Texas!

March: Peppers visit Utah for Spring Break 2010, visiting family and friends! Peppers move out of their apartment - Realtor issues again. Great Grandparents Free visit.

April: Luke gets an Easter basket and hunts for eggs. Granpa Salas visits.

May: The Peppers sell their first family car (Ford Taurus) and buy a Toyota Carolla. Kathryn goes to Wicked with Grandma Pepper.

June: Kathryn receives more than 20 classic books from Grandma Pepper! Kathryn and Luke set off on a California trip, including weddings of Kathryn’s best high school friends - Lacey Chavez and Stephanie Maertens. They visit Merced, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo.

July: Kathryn skypes with Drew and tells him she is pregnant! Kathryn and Luke come home from California and then the Peppers leave for a family reunion at Myrtle Beach with Drew’s side of the family.

August: Peppers move from Mansfield to Arlington. Kathryn and Luke continue the summer-long vacation in Aberdeen, WA, with Kathryn’s parents. Drew tears his ACL playing Church basketball.

September: Kathryn turns 24. Kathryn’s friend Kristina Gahley visits. Grandma Salas visits. The Pepper’s ultrasound says its a girly Pepper! Luke begins his obsession with Disney Pixar’s “Cars.” Great Grandma Olson visits.

October: Drew has ACL reconstruction surgery, has crutches for five weeks, and has a $3,000 medical bill. He begins Physical Therapy and doesn’t work for four weeks.

November: Drew turns 27 and recieves lots of Rangers paraphernelia.

December: Excited for Christmas and time together.

**Drew made a prettier version in InDesign but we aren't smart enough to upload it. So here's what it would have looked like:

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