Tuesday, December 28, 2010


{I had to say "Christmastime" because not all of the recent stuff is from Christmas day.}

I have some catching up to do! Let's do a photo update, shall we?

Ward Christmas Party. The theme was "Back in Bethlehem." We ate on the floor and didn't use utensils. It was super fun! Luke was a little hard to contain, but when ISN'T he??

Luke went and saw Santa and was terrified. Poor little guy. And poor Santa.

My father-in-law took some family pictures for us. They turned out AWESOME! I'll post more of those later.

Pepper women baking Christmas treats!

Apparently Luke is afraid of all Santa's...even his grandpa! Drew and his brothers had a tradition growing up that for Christmas Eve at his grandparent's, Santa would come and let them each open a present. And his grandparents hired someone to come be Santa so the boys wouldn't recognize him! Pretty elaborate! My dad just put a Santa hat on the day of :)

Christmas morning! Luke decided to sleep until 9, so Drew and I decided to finally wake him. We had things to do! He opened his stocking in our bed and then we went downstairs to open all the presents under the tree. After that we headed to Drew's parent's.

Luke actually opening a present! He wasn't very interested in it for most of the day.

Drew's mom made puzzles for him and his dad and the puzzle said their present was tickets to the Mavs vs. Lakers game next month! Drew's pretty stoked! And his parents bought me a personal-sized Cricut!! I'm so excited to play around with it!!

Soo...that's it for now. But tomorrow is mine and Drew's ANNIVERSARY! So I'm for sure going to have more to post later!

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