Friday, May 16, 2008

Shea Stadium

Drew officially has enough time to start writing on the blog and I definitely think that this post should be done by him. But last Sunday I nagged and nagged him to post something to no avail. Then Monday he asked, "When I am going to have my blog debut?" So obviously he wants to write or he wants to drive me crazy. Maybe it's 50-50. So, Wednesday we went to Shea Stadium to watch the Mets play the Washington Nationals. I know I'm a girl and watching most sports is just boring in general but this game was MEGA boring.


There was A hit up until the sixth inning and then there were 2 hits. Wow. Then the Nationals hit a home run and then the Mets hit a home run. The cool thing about that was that a little apple came out of a hat when the Mets player hit the home run. When the other team hit one we just kind of watch as he ran around the bases. I wanted to cheer but I would have gotten the wrath of 10,000 Mets fans.

Cold. It was freezing, making me uncomfortable. When you're uncomfortable and bored, you're slightly miserable. At least Drew was there and even he thought the game was pretty boring. We ended up leaving in the middle of the 7th.


Cindroid said...

sounds like fun.


(ps good luck with eternity, Drew)

haha. jk!

Cindroid said...

HEY!!!!! i am in love with the peppers.

ps what happened to drews blog about nash?! we want more drew!!
*don't worry kathryn, you're still #1