Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yankees Suck! (really bad, actually)

Tonight was our first Yankees game.
A few weeks ago we went and bought fake-jersey t-shirts so we could fit in with the locals a little better (we thought it might reduce our chances of getting mugged as well). We bought Kathryn an Alex Rodriguez and I got a Derek Jeter one.
We were excited to go even though the weather report was calling for 90 percent precipitation. We bought ponchos and trekked down to Yankee Stadium anyway.
The whole experience could have been a little better.
We were crammed like little sardines in the subway for 30 minutes, then had to check our bags for $5 because no backpacks are allowed in the stadium. And it was raining.
Rodriguez (last year's MVP) was returning from being injured. Before he batted once, the Yankees were already down 9-0; he bats fourth in the lineup. The whole night was like that. Jeter was hit by a pitch on his hand in the third, and promptly left the game. Kathryn and I were freezing so much that we left early. But according to ESPN, all the players almost got into a fight in the 6th inning when someone else was almost hit twice. Crazy New Yorkers.
(P.S. I wrote a blog about a certain Canadian basketball player, but I got in trouble at work, so that is why that post was removed.)

Some of the ladies my appreciate this Derek Jeter photo. Kathryn likes Derek Jeter because he used to date Mariah Carey. This is Kathryn attempting to stay warm (it wasn't that cold).

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Kathryn said...

It was too that cold. He just wants to sound manlier than he really is.