Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten Things that make the PEPPERS smile.

1. Our Mac- what would we do without a computer? Buying the Mac was one of the best ideas we have had as a married couple. I would personally be bored to tears and Drew would go crazy not being able to check ESPN the minute he comes home from work.

2. The Bachelorette- Okay, so Drew doesn't like this show but I loved the last Bachelor so I hope this season DeAnna won't disappoint me. Last night I went to work out for the second time that day just so I could watch the show. And yes, it was a 2 hour premier, so I pedaled on the stationary bike for 2 hours. I need a new hobby.

3. NBA playoffs- I don't like watching these but it brings me joy when Drew is able to relax and do something he really enjoys doing. And he really likes hashing out plays and spouting off statistics with the other guys in the common TV room.

4. Packages from people who love us- We just got a package from my mama and it was one of the best things ever. Mail is always great but there's something about a package that just makes you warm inside. In the package there was a bag of Tootsie rolls, a bag of Rolos, a bag of gummy bears, a box of cookies, and a decoration for our apartment. I guess I'll have to start working out for three hours everyday with packages like that.

5. Working out- It's basically the one thing I do every day that makes my day worth while. Drew also LOVES playing basketball with the boys.

6. Being together- This is self explanatory. I am a greedy person. I like to spend my time with my husband.

7. Doing awesome things in New York- Yeah.

8. The I House Cafeteria- Although we are getting disillusioned now, there still are some good deals down there. And some good food. Don't let them trick you-the fajita and the quesadilla are the same thing!

9. Subway's Five Dollar Footlongs- What a deal.

10. The New York Public Library- Instead of buying a $15 book every two weeks, I get to read books for free!! Yes, I am a nerd.

Some Not-So-Awesome Things

Our lousy fan- It's not strong enough or loud enough.
The weather- It's gonna rain tonight. Again. When we are at the Yankees game.
Not getting paid- This is definitely the worst. I want to shop. Boo.

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