Monday, May 12, 2008

Wandering around New York

On Saturday we decided to go take a tour of the NBC studios and see a little of FAO Schwartz and all that jazz. But going to the city without a definite plan means that you are going to be walking around New York for a while. Which is what we did on Saturday. In fact, we wandered around for about nine hours.

It wasn't so bad, we actually found a lot of cool stuff. Well, first of all we saw the NBC studios, which was kind of a rip off but we got to see where they film Saturday Night Live. That's all Drew really wanted to see anyway. But the day kept getting better for him. We also found the Apple store and then we found the NBA store. I was a trooper and went in the stores with him and took pictures but other than that they were slightly to mildly boring. We stumbled across the ritzy part of 5th avenue. See, the part that is by Times Square is really not the cool part. It's actually really dirty. But the ritzy part has stores like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany & Co, etc. That's the nice nice part of 5th. We didn't spend any money, because then we wouldn't have been able to live for the next month. It was fun to look around, though. It wasn't so fun that we did it for nine hours. My feet felt like lead by the end of the day. But at least it got me out of the house, since I sit at home during the week because a) I don't have a job and b) the weather isn't the greatest right now. At least that means more blog postings. And book reading.

This is Drew and I after about 5-6 hours of wandering. The other picture is Bloomingdale's.

Ahhh Tiffany's. We went in and looked around a little but we felt like we were too scrubby to stay inside. The picture on the right is 5th avenue.

Where we had a tour and the Apple store. The store isn't attached to a building, the elevator takes you straight down into the store. It's pretty cool.

The NBA shop. Whoopee. Radio City Music Hall was kind of boring. We just saw it and went into the gift shop, where everything was overpriced. Oh well, it's part of US history.


Cindroid said...

hey. so i found you. i hope we're blog friends for life.

ps nyc looks stunning, especially with you and drew there. spit off the empire state building for me. please.

Renae said...

Kathryn! Looks like you guys are having lots of fun in New York. That's so crazy that you guys are there... and so exciting. Just so you know... the UPB misses you... well... at least I do. :)