Monday, May 19, 2008

The Weekend of Museums and Italy

Friday: Drew and I finished up the Museum of Modern Art and saw the original Starry, Starry Night and a lot of Picasso's work and much, much more. We don't really appreciate the art, but we do enjoy
taking pictures of it. And of each other. But it was really cool. We ate at Applebee's in Times Square afterwards, so it was a pretty fun night. Except that it was raianing.

Saturday: Night at the Museum?? We went to the American Museum of Natural History with all of the BYU interns. It was cool to see all the things that they used for the movies Night at the Museum. We only had about an hour to look around, which is ridiculous because there was way too much to see. Anyway, it was neat and Drew got to see a lot of dinosaur bones.

Mama Mia!! After the museum we went to Little Italy with some other married interns (we like to stick together). We got a little lost and didn't think it really existed but finally we saw the green, red, and white flags! It was so fun and Drew said it looked exactly like Europe. We ate at Giovanna's and Drew had penne pasta with red sauce and I had tortellini with cheese and meat and red sauce. Soooo good. I can't remember the last time we spent that much on a meal. Anyhoo, that was the weekend report and this week we get to look forward to a Yankee's game. Yay.

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